About Us

Shinko Ceramics (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 1988 as SNKO Ceramics (M) Sdn Bhd but changed its company name to Shinko Ceramics (M) Sdn Bhd in 2015 to align with the product brand name.

Our parent company, Shinko Ceramics Co., Ltd., is a Japanese company located in Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan with a history of 70 years. Its reputation for its quality is acknowledged worldwide under brand name SHINKO.

Our main products are ceramic formers for gloves and other dipping industries. The type of formers we produce include medical, surgical, household and industrial gloves.


Since its inception in 1988, SHINKO Ceramics (M) Sdn Bhd has grown in strength due to its commitment to excellence. The superior quality of the ceramic formers that it manufacturers has propelled it to the top spot in the industry.

SHINKO currently holds a major share in the world market. Its ceramic formers are supplied to numerous countries all over the world other than Malaysia including, The United States, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Pertugal, Japan, Oman, India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil and many more. The establishment of factory in Shanghai, China also helped in accelerating in acquiring many parts of the world market. These facts shows that SHINKO’s products and service had proven to be credible meeting the world class standard. In recent years, SHINKO has been especially successful in special dipping products such as drybox glove formers, sleeve formers, airbag formers and various balloon formers.

SHINKO today consists of three manufacturing plant respectively in Japan, Malaysia and China. SHINKO is constantly growing and it's Malaysian plant is now expanding to produce 200,000 pcs per month by 2017.

SHINKO Ceramics (M) Sdn Bhd has successfully obtained the ISO 9002 Certificate since year 1999